About Exclusive Business Solutions

The concept of XBS was conceived and developed starting in June 1995. The founding members of the organisation have been actively involved in the transportation market and industry since then. XBS has consistently maintained its primary focus on identifying and designing customised innovative solutions that can be applied to a wide range of industries.

The XBS group has gained exposure to various aspects governing these industries, including but not limited to operational effectiveness, exit strategies, funding, taxation, taxation benefits, credit implications and exposures, business structure, turnaround management, current cash flow levels, future cash flow requirements, recapitalisation of businesses, and the position of the business in the respective industry.

To achieve the goals outlined above and to make well-informed decisions while providing effective solutions for all stakeholders, it is crucial to develop specific evaluation tools and benchmarking techniques. These tools will assist XBS in delivering high-quality analyses and reports to stakeholders, indicating their current status and their potential for future success, or, in cases where failure is imminent, providing a timeframe for such events.

In order to provide a centralised service, XBS operates from Gauteng and has established strategic alliances with various professionals and organisations, aligning with our mission statement to provide the following.


Conducting thorough and professional business analyses, which incorporate the SCUDD analysis, to present an impartial and realistic assessment of the current and future financial state of the reviewed business entity. Assessing the current financial position of the business through the SCUDD scoring system, thereby establishing a benchmark for the reviewed business.

  • Determining whether and to what extent additional credit should be extended.
  • Developing appropriate turnaround management strategies when necessary.
  • Devising suitable exit strategies.

Assessing the actual value of the business and offering corporate finance guidance on management buyouts (MBOs), listings, acquisitions, and the divestiture of specific business units.

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Continuously calculating the business’s value to provide an accurate assessment of its worth, both in the present and over time. Offering independent assistance in addressing credit issues and conducting reviews.

  • Minimising potential financial losses.
  • Continuously measuring the business’s performance independently.
  • Assisting in establishing the correct organisational structure and securing the appropriate levels of funding.
  • Evaluating the impact of acquiring new assets on the existing business.
  • Maximising current profitability.
  • Facilitating negotiations with credit providers.
  • Adopting a merchant-banking approach that offers significant advantages to all stakeholders during the execution of exit strategies.
  • Conducting thorough and reliable due diligence, ensuring the delivery of sound corporate advice.