Managing Financial Risk

SCUDD Analysis

  • S = scaled
  • C = cash flow
  • U = utilization
  • D = due
  • D = diligence

SCUDD Analysis Table of Contents

  • Background and modus operandi.
  • The ultimate measurement.
  • Ten levels of measurement.
  • Measurement levels can be set according to what want to be achieved or tested.
  • Various levels of SCUDD analysis.
  • Benefits of the SCUDD analysis for the stakeholders.

SCUDD ANALYSIS Back ground and modus operandi

  • Quality of information is obtained by verified information according to international audit standards.
  • The SCUDD analysis and SCUDD score is performed electronically.
  • The SCUDD information is compared with and incorporates credible and prudently verified information from third parties.
  • Indicates financial stress at various levels.
  • SCUDD analysis provides quality information timeously.

SCUDD Analysis Ten Levels of measurement

  • Cash flow and working capital
  • Debtors and contracts
  • Equity and profitability
  • South African Revenue Services
  • Critical integrated suppliers
  • Management and business structure
  • Operational abilities
  • Asset details
  • Financiers
  • Accounting policies applied