• Proper business analysis performed by professional persons, whom combined, has over 65 years of experience in this extremely volatile industry.
  • Evaluate and compare your company with industry parameters.
  • Sourcing and implementing innovative solutions applicable to your company.
  • We have access to various types of finance, both locally and foreign of source.
  • Structuring and restructuring your company to ensure optimal and future capital requirements.
  • We specialize in turning around companies by negotiating with all stakeholders within the ambit of a formal restructuring business plan, which provides greater benefits that just the normal payment restructure with credit providers.
  • It is paramount that a proper exit strategy exist, and be properly mapped, we specialise in it.
  • We provide your company with an actual score in comparison with the industry your business operates in, i.e. in this case the transport industry.
  • We have access to organisations acquiring businesses like yours.
  • Due to our experience it is clear that the management of an organisation like yours are so focus on addressing pressing financial matters, that the management actually are becoming so defocused that their traditional strong management skills are neglected and currently totally ignored. Our holistic approach can change this.
  • Currently the state of the economy impacts every industry, yours industry is affected probably the worst of all, and certain non-recurring issues need to be re-addressed and can in certain cases be reversed.
  • Are you and management team working for yourself or for the creditors? Turn it around, should you wish.
  • These economic times provides your with a wonderful opportunity to renegotiate terms and conditions within the ambit and embrace of a perfect structure, we specialize in it.


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Financial or corporate financial restructuring is referred to the reorganisation of the financial assets and liabilities to create the most beneficial financial environment for the company. A successful restructuring will therefore put a company in better financial health, encompassing an achievable medium and long term business plan, when implemented will benefit all the role players and stakeholders influencing the company.

It is critical that the key financial elements driving the company can be measured at present and can be measured over the medium- and long term, on a consistent basis complementing the implemented financial restructuring business plan. The measurement criteria is defined and explained within the SCUDD Analysis link on the home page.


There is normally three reasons why financial restructuring may become necessary :

  • The company is in financial distress and if it is not attend to the company may enter financial collapse.
  • The company needs to prepare itself for expansion or attract new investors or even to position itself for a possible listing on the stock exchange.
  • The company is in no distress but needs to restructure as it has prepare itself to achieve certain exit strategies and to unlock the inherent financial wealth of the company and specifically of shareholders and BEE- or potential BEE partners.

Determining the scope and type of restructuring that needs to be implemented is dependent on various financial criteria which differs from company to company and needs to be analysed. Like an ill person will have some tests run, like blood tests or other, an ill company needs to have certain tests run to determine the severity of the financial illness and what actions can be prescribed to coach the company back to financial health. At the XBS Group we have develop computerised software and systems to determine the financial health of a company at the following levels :

  • Where a company’s health and wealth is directly linked to each other and reflects solid financial results with pre determined exit strategies unlocking the wealth created.
  • Where a company is in financial distress, but the financial health can be restored and future financial targets can be achieved.
  • Where a company is in financial distress, and the health cannot be restored, our financial structures can accurately predict the timing of the financial collapse. Certain financial mechanisms can be implemented to minimise the financial losses for the company and stakeholders.

Our products and services apart from adding value to the company’s business and the unlocking of true value of the wealth of the business to all stakeholders, provides the opportunity to create a business platform based upon fact and true measurement to make informed and solid business decisions